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Established in 2012 Grow Record Label releases albums from artists most enlivening and expressive. Founded in an underground basement studio/private club in Moscow, the label has worked with some of the most exciting names in the Russian techno scene such as Easy Changes and Andrey Zots. However since 2016 the label has moved on from the event space where it started and began to concentrate it efforts in Europe, welcoming new artists and further developing the label's  distinct sound.

All albums are available on 12" vinyl record through major online retailers and some selected works can be bought digitally, exclusively from our website.

All enquiries: grow.vinyl[at]



JONATHAN MANGELINCKX is a graphic and international design studio. The studio, based in Brussels, the Capital of Europe, specializes in the field of typography, packaging, visual communication, set design. Working with multiple music labels, the platform is interested in marrying pictures and sounds. Thus defining the artwork of a piece of music as a poster, a symbol, a visual score. Using vectorial image, as the principal weapon in order to approach the most possible the universe of electronic music, it combines geometric shapes of various and disordered colors for a minimalist result.


For all enquiries related to purchases from our webstore please write to us at:



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